Pellegrino & Zodyaco “Morphé” Youtube playlist

Pellegrino & Zodyaco "Morphé" Youtube playlist 2

Playlist here The stars and their reflection on the sea still inspire Pellegrino and his “Zodyaco” project, founded with the idea of ​​creating a musical platform that could involve various musicians from the Neapolitan music scene. After the homonymous LP “Zodyaco” in 2018 and the single “Caucciù”, released in March 2020, this second album “Morphé” […]

Pellegrino presents “Zodyaco”


Pellegrino presents “Zodyaco” Inspired by the ancient mythology of the stars and their deep influence on the sea life, the record is the result of nocturnal jams in the wake of the Italian jazz-funk tradition, exotic fusion and Mediterranean mysticism.  A tribute to the stars and their reflections on the sea. Pre-Order here  [soundcloud id=’494148321′ height=’false’]

Bop & 291out "L' Alba dei Vinti" out soon


∆ Soundtrack for the contemporary “Vinti” (defeated) with its dark and at the same time sparkling flavor of the ’80s sounds between cold wave, synth pop and imaginary electronic atmospheres. This record with its horror-framed and distopic scenario (“Slot Machine“) reveals a content of social criticism healed through the warm and evocative indulgence of “Che […]

Early Sounds 2016 output into Phonica's Best 2016 Albums


We’re so glad to see our hard work being paid off by Phonica’s 2016 Best Albums chart that includes all 3 albums we released this year, Pellegrino “Periplo”, Mystic Jungle Tribe “Qvisisana” and Nu Guinea “The Tony Allen Experiments” .