VVAA – IES Italian Erotic Sounds

“Hot recordings from the golden era of the Italian sexy comedy film scene”

Early Sounds Recordings, in collaboration with the historical Italian label “Eleven” and A. Dallera, puts together a compilation of some of the rarest and sought after disco and funk records inspired by the Italian sexy comedy era, including Tullio de Piscopo “Fastness”, Augusto Martelli “Joining Together”, Nando de Luca “Kamasultra” and more .


Ed Longo & Applied Arts Ensemble – The Other Fantasy

We are very happy to welcome long time Early Sounds friend Ed Longo and his studio project Applied Arts Ensemble debut on Early Sounds with “The Other Fantasy”, the result of many recording sessions that took place in different places around Europe with an array of musicians from a predominantly jazz background.
Conceived with a strong jazz-funk, fusion and boogie approach, the record is conceptualized around the quest for Otherness in the schizophrenia of the digital age, and the resulting exotic dystopias which we are confronted with every day.


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Pellegrino presents his new project “Zodyaco”

Inspired by the ancient mythology of the stars and their deep influence on the sea life, the record is the result of nocturnal jams in the wake of the Italian jazz-funk tradition, exotic fusion and Mediterranean mysticism. 

A tribute to the stars and their reflections on the sea.

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Early Sounds and NG rec. pres:

Napoli Segreta vol. 1

Early Sounds is proud to announce, in collaboration with NG Rec., first volume of “Napoli Segreta”, a compilation of the rarest and most sought after compositions of the 70’s and 80’s Napolitan disco and funk scene.   


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Early Sounds and Halfway Ritmo pres.

Klaus Krüger “Advanced Dance” EAS017/HW01EAS017 Cover

After more than 30 years, Early Sounds and Halfway Ritmo , will release unpublished recordings (1982-1989) from former Tangerine Dream and Iggy Pop’s drummer Klaus Krüger. Advanced Dance combines a sweeping mix of Krüger’s handcrafted acoustic drums and distinctive electronic sounds of the late Berlin- School years, creating a unique blend of advanced polyrhythms. Krüger achieved a balance between creativity and classic drum patterns giving birth to an unconventional and avant-garde type of music that could be easily defined as a precursor of techno.
His progressive mentality led him to delve further into the tape collage technique and unique ways of triggering his drums. It was a whole new world of music – sustained by his artistic surroundings, which included collaborations as well as friendships with other influential artists such as David Bowie, Martin Kippenberger and Helmut Newton.
In the time of German division, the pulsating West Berlin became a melting pot of creativity and international encounters. Advanced Dance is the result of the blazing heat feeding the unstoppable thirst of discovery which characterized that generation, creating tunes that transform the listener’s experience into one blissful moment amidst beautiful confusion.



Early Sounds pres. QVARK – Qvark [EAS016]

[EAS016] Qvark_cover_

“Milan, Italy, 1983. In the midst of the 80s economic boom, which gave an injection of optimism after the heavily political 70s, a group of young local musicians meet every night in a basement to rehearse and record a peculiar breed of Italian disco music. Originated from the ashes of various other projects, and rooted in the broader jazz-funk tradition, the group creates music which is equally inspired by contemporary fusion as well as by the first wave of the italo-disco sound. Over approximately 3 years the band has recorded and played live, until the dismantling of the project towards the mid 80’s.
Fast forward 35 years and the genuinely mediterranean flavor of Qvark’s demo recordings are still enjoyable, both for the actual resurgence of the Italian disco tradition and for the groovy quirkiness of a project which has been too long forgotten. After an intense work of audio restoration of such tapes, heavily affected by time, Early Sounds is pleased to present a compilation which is an important find to define the sound of late 70’s and early 80’s Italian club sound.”


Bop & 291out “L’ Alba dei Vinti” out soon

∆ Soundtrack for the contemporary “Vinti” (defeated) with its dark and at the same time sparkling flavor of the ’80s sounds between cold wave, synth pop and imaginary electronic atmospheres. This record with its horror-framed and distopic scenario (“Slot Machine“) reveals a content of social criticism healed through the warm and evocative indulgence of “Che male c’è“. ∆

Bop & 291out “L’Alba dei Vinti” [EAS015]

Early Sounds Recordings 2017