Pellegrino & Zodyaco “Morphé” Youtube playlist

Playlist here

Pellegrino & Zodyaco – Amaremai from the album Morphé 🌋🌛
(Turn on subtitles for an instant Neapolitan course)

The stars and their reflection on the sea still inspire Pellegrino and his “Zodyaco” project, founded with the idea of ​​creating a musical platform that could involve various musicians from the Neapolitan music scene. After the homonymous LP “Zodyaco” in 2018 and the single “Caucciù”, released in March 2020, this second album “Morphé” is an ode to Naples as seen from Vesuvius. The band that follows him through this musical journey has been enhanced with new components for the continuous development of that characteristic Mediterranean sound of the label that this time is “colored” with images and sounds from his hometown; that marks a new approach for the Neapolitan producer (where he also makes his debut as singer and lyricist) with a heterogeneous mix of influences between tradition, latin jazz, fusion and funk they keep adding new pieces to the evolution of their “Neapolitan melodic disco from the slopes of Vesuvius”. The Greek word “Morphé”, which gives the title to the LP, is the synthesis of the sound and aesthetic metamorphosis of this new path also developed in the cover’s artwork, which represents an atypical postcard of the city and its gulf, a dystopian reverse side. Naples as seen from Vesuvius it’s on the edge between night and day, light and shadow, always squeezed between the energetic and frenetic flow of its alleys and the reassuring silence of its sea, with the night as a background that fails to illuminate its inner depths.


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