After many failed attempts to bring joy to DJs around the globe, 40% Foda/Maneirissimo proudly presents one of the most dj-friendly affairs ever possible: “Estaçoes Esquerdinhas” by label-owner DJ Guerrinha.  Inspired by his favorite subway stations in downtown Rio de Janeiro –  also the only downtown stations that don’t have a religious or military reference in their names – the EP is a deep house homage to the same four notes who were once used as motif on 40% own’s Pessoas Que Eu Conheço track “009”.  Recycling is no small thing here, those same four notes serve as leads to the four tracks and the same organ stabs, crystal sounds, fake-rap scats and shuffling hi-hats all fumbles around here and there as the EP goes, you could mix the whole thing and people wouldn’t notice that the tracks changed. By romanticizing your subway ride, you can enjoy those in transit minutes like never before, so just remember: next time you pass through the turnstile… you already know… DJ Guerrinha is the only way to go.


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